NSP adds focus to trauma kits to save lives

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - When the Nebraska State Patrol comes across a scene they want to be prepared to respond to any kind of danger. Even some medical situations. On Wednesday, Troop C had some annual training to be CPR certified. But they also revisited their "go bags".

The Nebraska State Patrol has added a focus to the "go-bags" they keep in their patrol units to help them respond to medical needs when they are the first on the scene. (KSNB)

“We created these go bags which is something we asked the troopers or investigators or whoever responds to a scene to carry them into a scene with us,” Investigator Kayla Farrell said. “They have other bandages, gloves, tape, scissors, things like that in them.”

A trooper in Lexington actually saved a man's life by applying the tourniquet from his bag to a gunshot victims leg. Emergency responders wouldn't get there for nearly 10 more minutes. He was able to stop the blood flow to the leg long enough for him to get further medical care. someone can bleed out in just four minutes. In rural areas, it could be a long wait before emergency crews can get to a patient.

“I think in rural settings in Nebraska it's important we have this equipment available for the patients we come across or the victims we come across as well as just for ourselves and to render aid to ourselves,” Investigator Farrell said.

Trooper Kaden Brandt said it puts his mind at ease knowing he has bandages, CPR masks, and the tourniquet available to him. It also can be used if a trooper were to be injured at a scene. Each patrol car has a go-bag behind the driver's seat.