Name brand medications v generic

Published: May. 28, 2017 at 3:27 PM CDT
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Picking out medications can leave you with a bigger headache than you came in with. Having to pick between the several different medication brands can be extremely difficult. And worrying if the generic brand will be just as good as the name brand.

But for one woman, she knows exactly what she wants.

"I guess myself, I just feel that the off kicks, I just want to be certain, that I'm getting what I need to be getting, so I prefer with going with the name brand," said Rhonda Luders from Norfork.

The pharmacy manager at Russ's Market said that's what people mainly think. But it just isn't true.

"They think because it's cheaper that it's somehow not going to work as well and you only get what you pay for when it comes to medications. But really, it's a battle everyday to keep healthcare costs low and that is not the case at all," said Katie Trambly, a pharmacist at Russ's Pharmacy.

Though for one woman, she said off brand medications makes her feel worse.

"I'm going to go for the name brand because my body doesn't do well with generic," said Tamara Horner.

And she's not alone. But Trambly said, you have to try it first.

"Well, some people have some tried the generic and they feel that it doesn't work for them. And I say that's fine. As long as you know, knowledge is what I want to spread. To make sure people know what the options are," said Trambly.

One Hastings woman said that with how high name brands are, she just simply won't pay for it.

"I go to generic because the medications are too high. I went to go pick it up and it was 300 dollars and I can't afford it," said Faye Hajny of Hastings.

For one man, he can't help but agree with Hajny.

"I don't get why we would pay more to some big pharma, when you get the same compounds in a generic drug," said Gregg Lemke from Glenvil.