Nasty weather continues into weekend

A wide range of weather alerts exist across the state through the weekend.

Central Nebraska (KSNB) - With Thanksgiving and a couple winter storms behind us, many people may be heading out on the roads this weekend. But all is not over in the weather world, as several alerts will be greeting us as we head into the weekend.

First off, we have some wintry precip leaving the area, with a mix of freezing drizzle and some snow possible. Most of that is leaving Northeast Nebraska this evening.

Back in the Tri-Cities area and SW Nebraska, we currently have a Dense Fog Advisory for most of Central Nebraska, and South of I-80 between Highway 81 and Eastern Colorado, down to about I-70 in Kansas. With the warm air coming from the South over the last couple days, our temperatures have steadily risen into the mid 30s, which has brought us some rain, but the warm air over the several inches of snow on the ground, thick fog has developed, and doesn't look to be going anywhere soon. The fog should begin to disperse by 6am Saturday, but patches could linger. Southwest of Kearney, it is likely to stick around longer, until around midday Saturday.

As Saturday starts up, a very strong low will be moving across the Sandhills. This is going to bring blizzard conditions across the Northern Sandhills, to about the Highway 183 corridor in Rock County, up into South Dakota. They could see anywhere from 3-5 inches of snow, with up to a foot into South Dakota and the Panhandle of Nebraska. Holt and Boyd Counties have a Winter Weather Advisory and a Winter Storm Warning, respectively, and will not see as much snow or wind, but could still see impacts from the storm.

I-80 and South has had some rain, so the chance for "ground blizzard" conditions, or blowing snow, is very low. The rain has soaked the snow so it's heavier and will ice back over and won't get picked up by the wind. The other side of that is the fact we still will have very high winds. A High Wind Warnings is in effect for our area until 9am Sunday. It expires earlier around North Platte at 6am. As the low follows just south of Highway 20, a large portion of Nebraska will see wind gusts exceed 50mph through most of the mid afternoon of Saturday. Gusts over 30 will last until Sunday early afternoon.

The winds are going to be the primary threat for travelers along any road. Sourcing from the Northwest, it will impact North-South and East-West roads. High profile vehicles will be especially vulnerable, and with the chance for some slick spots still there, this could be particularly hazardous.

After this low rolls through, things calm down quite a bit into next week. Monday and Tuesday clear out and we have highs into the 40s return, closer to average. The rest of the week looks dry as well, so a bit of a bummer that the nastiest weather of the season so far had to be the week of Thanksgiving. Last year wasn't grand either, so maybe Thanksgiving 2020 turns out a little nicer.