Nebraska Lottery game scratched due to ticket errors

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LINCOLN, Neb. — The Nebraska Lottery deactivated one of its scratch-off games after a programming error was discovered.

The issue was with the $5 'Holiday Bonus Bucks' game.

The Lottery said the issue was discovered Monday and the game was deactivated, with retailers being instructed to stop selling the tickets.

A programming error resulted in some tickets for the game showing winning combinations of symbols that didn't match the predetermined results for the tickets, the Lottery said. People who bought 'Holiday Bonus Bucks' tickets can complete the back of the ticket with their contact information and mail the ticket to the Prize Claim address shown on the back of each ticket. Because the game was deactivated, the tickets can't be validated by retailers.

In a message on the Nebraska Lottery website, the Lottery says, "We are in the initial phase of investigating the programming issue with Holiday Bonus Bucks, so we do not have a timeframe for responding yet. However, we are committed to addressing player correspondence as quickly as possible."

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