Nebraska State Fire School returns for 82nd year

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - The Nebraska State Fire School came back to Grand Island on Friday for its 82nd year. More than 1,100 firefighters from across the state gathered at the fairgrounds to touch up on their skills.

One course offered is aimed at training future firefighters the basic skills they'll need on the job. Beginners got trained on everything from rolling a hose to using that hose to put out a fire.

Students from today's beginner classes will go on to be volunteer firefighters across Nebraska.

"A good firefighter's skills start here," Training Division Chief Alan Joos told Local4 News. "You learn the basics, the fundamentals. This class is very fundamental. The other classes we offer are additional classes - more advanced skills, rope skills, auto extrication, fire behavior and things of that nature."

This fire school is one of the largest in the country and students were excited to get started.

"I think a lot of departments, a lot of members who have been here in the past, they look forward to it," Pat Gould with the Nebraska State Fire School said. "We have a lot of new members, this is their first time at fire school. They're excited. You can see some of the expressions on their face when they;re walking through. They're looking at the trucks, they're looking at the equipment."

The school also hosted an expo where firefighters could hear about different services and see new equipment. Fire school classes will continue through Sunday.