Nebraska State Patrol tests carnival games for fairness

Published: Aug. 24, 2018 at 5:50 PM CDT
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The State Fair has officially started and kids are getting excited to play all the carnival games. That's why the Nebraska State Patrol tests all the games to make sure they are not rigged.

NSP investigators played all the games at the park Friday to see if they can be won. They also have to be won based on skill and not chance, chance games are considered gambling and that is not allowed at the fair.

They also make sure any prizes being given away are appropriate for the fair.

“If it is a game we can't do very well at, for example, we are hit and miss at the basketball stuff for example, that's kind of our nemesis, but if we can't do it we have worker who is assigned to that particular game demonstrate that it can be done,” NSP Investigator Tony Kavan said.

The NSP says they haven't had to deal with a game that could not be explained before. Even if they can't beat them, there is likely another way.