Nebraska couple looks to renovate historic home

Published: Apr. 19, 2017 at 6:23 PM CDT
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A Nebraska couple is embarking on a big project. Chris Schlosser and his girlfriend Lindsey have several months of work ahead of them.

The couple purchased an acreage, complete with historic home in Fontanelle, Nebraska.

The brick home looks like something out of a history book—with a wrap around porch, beautiful white pillars and intricate trimming details; however, the home is in need of some tender loving care. That’s why the couple is now working to renovate it.

“From what I’ve learned, it was built in 1908 by a guy named Henry Sprick,” said Schlosser. “I purchased it in November of 2016.”

Schlosser says they are trying to keep the outside of the structure as authentic possible—leaving some of the original features. As far as the inside, he plans to make upgrades, but leave most of the woodwork intact.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a house this old and to be able to do quite the renovation that we’re going to end up doing,” said Schlosser.

While cleaning out the house, the couple has stumbled upon clues from the past. Through newspaper articles and plat books, they have learned about the history of their new home.

“We were cleaning out the study in the other room, and in one of the cabinets, there were some newspaper articles regarding a fire that happened 1980. It burned the upper story and the backside of the house.”

Schlosser says remnants of the fire still remain of the home. While renovating, he stumbled upon char marks on the wood in an upstairs bathroom.

“The family I bought it from spent 13 years trying to restore the house, then the fire happened, and they worked to restore it again.”

Apart from newspaper articles, Fontanelle natives have been quick to share stories of the home’s rich history.

“People have been trying to give me as much information as possible so it's been pretty cool.”

The restoration will take plenty of time and effort, but the couple says its’ a project they’re willing to take on.