Nebraska school superintendent on leave after fight video

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AUBURN, Neb. (AP) -- Auburn School Superintendent Kevin Reiman is on paid leave and parents turned out Wednesday night to show support for him.

The issue took root with a video of a fight between students. It went public with another video - one that shows Reiman watching the video of that fight.

Concerned parents told our sister station WOWT 6 News that someone leaked the video of Reiman at home reviewing the clip of the fight. It appeared on social media.

Auburn's school board held a special meeting Wednesday night to decide Reiman’s future with the district.

Students, teachers and parents turned out for the meeting to show their support for Reiman. Some parents said the punishment of possible termination doesn't fit the crime.

Parent Chantelle Wilke said, “This decision does not affect one family, it affects all of us. It affects their kids. It affects the entire school here in our town and every program that they've been involved in.”

Board President Ryan Jones said, “As a result of due process we cannot comment on any specific details regarding the situation at this time and we will not be providing any additional comments or information after this meeting to the public or any media outlets."

The meeting did not afford the opportunity for public comment.

The superintendent’s supporters hope to share their thoughts at the next meeting on January 14th.

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