Nebraska state Sen. Jim Scheer has won re-election as speaker of the Legislature

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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Nebraska lawmakers have begun a new legislative session by inducting 13 new state senators. Senator Jim Scheer also won his re-election as speaker of the Legislature.

New senators were sworn in on Wednesday, January 9. The Legislature is now made up of 30 Republicans, 18 Democrats and one independent. This means the Republican senators won't have enough votes as a party to overcome legislature filibusters. This new session will bring challenging issues to the table, including: Gov. Pete Rickett's new property tax package, proposals to legalize medical marijuana, changing prison-sentencing laws to reduce overcrowding and expanding a tax break to military retirees. These new lawmakers will continue to face budget obstacles during the 90-day session that began January 9.

Governor Ricketts will be sworn into office on January 10.

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