New Hall County Attorney appreciates support

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Marty Klein is the new elected Hall County Attorney.

When he's in office, he said he does not plan on changing a lot of things, because they already have a pretty good office. But, he does think they can benefit from having mentors for new attorneys.

Klein said they can also be a little more responsive to the defense attorneys and police in town.

He adds he is excited to continue working in Hall County, partly because the legal community in the area is a family.

He said he looks forward to speaking with other attorneys in the office to see what they think of his new ideas.

Klein adds there are some things he would like to do outside of work.

"Get back involved in some of the volunteer things I was involved in," Klein said. "The Hall County Suicide Prevention project is important to me and the Cairo QRT, which is a quick response team is important."

He adds this is a humbling experience, because he put in a lot of hard work to earn people's votes.

He also wants to thank everyone who voted for him, because he appreciates the support.