New Hastings College Art Center will carry on former student's legacy

Published: Aug. 16, 2016 at 8:57 PM CDT
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What started off as renovation for the Hastings College Art Center, is now turning into a new state-of-the-art facility.

It all begin with an idea from a student, Jackson Dinsdale, who died in an accident in 2014.

"This means that Jackson's dream is totally going to come true and he's just going to live on forever," Kim Dinsdale, Jackson's mother, said. "Everyone is going to remember Jackson and that's very important to me."

The Jackson Dinsdale Art Center is a special tribute to Jackson that will create more educational opportunities for students.

Print making, ceramics, and glass blowing are a few of the studio classes that will expand in the new building.

"Now we've got some of the best facilities in the state, if not in the country," Hastings College Art Department Chair Thomas Kreager said. "We can grow the art department now that we aren't so squeezed in." "It just opens up a new future for the college, the students, and myself," Kreager said.

One of Jackson's best friends said the old art center can't compare to the new one.

"You look at that building and look at this one it's a no brainer," Kyle Beaman, a Hastings College Master's Student, said. "We go from the basement to having to crawl from the entire building to get from one art class to the other." "Now it's right down the hallway and it's easier to access our professors this way, so it's going to be very beneficial for all of us," Beaman added.

The center will be open August 29 when classes start.

Jackson's mother said the center is for everyone to enjoy, even community members.

"It's just open for everybody to come and experience the beautiful things that are going to be going on here," Kim said.

Officials said there's no word yet on what the college plans to do with the former building.

If you'd like to see the new center, a dedication ceremony is being held Saturday at 5 p.m.