New combine to increase efficiency for farmers

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - One company is marketing a new high-tech combine for the first time in North America at Husker Harvest Days.

AGCO came out with the Fent Ideal Combine.

It has several exciting features, including a dual rotar system and a 485 bushel grain tank capacity. This combine can unload product at six bushels per second. It will automatically make adjustments for various crop or weather conditions. The combine also has a state of the art track system.

"We have the largest footprint in the industry with this," Connor Bergin, key account manager for AGCO said. "Obviously we get some wet fall conditions here in Nebraska as well. So this will ensure that our growers are able to improve flotation, reduce compaction, have much better tractive ability, and get into the field when they need to get into the field."

This new combine is designed to increase efficiency and productivity for farmers.

"So overall it's going to allow growers to pick up speed, especially when we look at our track system. It's going to allow them to get into the field when they need to and get more work done in a day, cover more acres in a day. Increase in efficiency will really be a result of the overal capacity of the machine," Bergin said.

It's not too late for you to check out this combine. It will be at the final day of Husker Harvest Days Thursday.