New online business makes way to Sidney

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SIDNEY, Neb. A new online business aims to raise the bar with their outdoor gear shopping experiences in Sidney.

The business is entitled ‘Highby Outdoors’ and they offer outdoor products including hunting, firearms and shooting, fishing and marine, knives and tools, camping and outdoors and optics.

They currently employ ten people with many of their staff who formerly worked at Cabela’s.

“Our roots are here in Sidney,” said Jaime Dyknan, Director of Customer Relations, Product Development and Information at Highby Outdoors. “This type of assortment we are all passionate about. We live the outdoor lifestyle so these products are really important to us and people that live the outdoor lifestyle as well.”

Highby Outdoors has a permanent location at 232 Greenwood Road in Sidney but says a majority of their sales will be online.

“Launching online is going to be our main platform,” said Dyknan. “That’s just how everything is nowadays. You are able to shop, get something pretty quick and be able to look for exactly what you need. You can compare those items and have an easy and convenience transaction.”

Highby Outdoors says they strive on customer service. They hired a team of experts that can help customers with their needs and questions.

Highby Outdoors says their online website,, has accurate product information and makes it an easy shopping experience for customers.