Newly elected Hall County supervisors talk plans for the future

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Up-and-coming Hall County supervisor Butch Hurst says one of the area's biggest needs is balancing the budget.

Cutting back is how he aims to fix that.

"There's a difference between need and want. If we need it we're gonna have to find it and fix it if we can. If it's just a want it may have to go on the back burner for a little bit," said Butch Hurst of Grand Island.

Butch feels the county's senior citizen budget is one of those needs.

Although some feel the budget should be lowered, the future supervisor says we need to make a way to help those who have helped us.

Butch also says lowering taxes should be a priority, as well.

"Right now with the farm economy you can't keep taxing the people who own the houses and the farms and cars. If you notice a lot of people who retire don't retire in Nebraska and it's mainly because of the tax problem," said Hurst.

Future Hall County supervisor and long-time farmer Dick Hartman agrees and says farmers do the area a lot of good.

"If it wasn't for the farmers it would be a pretty sick area. You could roll the streets up in Grand Island. They spend a lot of money there and they will continue," said Dick Hartman of Grand Island.

Hartman says listening to farmers' needs and serving community members is what he's all about.

"I just want to do some good and help some people out. That's why they put me there and I'll definitely do that," said Hartman.