District voters reject GI Northwest bond issue

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) Voters in the Grand Island Northwest school district rejected an $11.5 million bond issue for a new middle school building.

The bond issue failed by 695 to 303, 70% against the bond issue, 30% in favor.

The new middle school would have been built adjacent to Northwest High school and would have been be able to accommodate 360 students, 120 in each grade level.

Superintendent Matt Fisher said the new middle school was needed for their students to be more competitive. He added that middle school education has a direct effect on high school as well as college.

"Colleges require more and more courses areas and that leaves less time for students to take electives once they reach the high school and if you don't get that exposure in middle school they are really starting behind the 8 ball,' said School Superintendent, Matt Fisher.

Fisher said he would meet with the Northwest school board to decide what to do next now that the bond issue failed.