Northwest Public Schools head back to class

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB)- Students in the Northwest Public School districts started back bright and early this Thursday morning.

Kids at Northwest High School were greeted at the doors with music, high fives and excited and interactive teachers.

Assistant Principal PJ Smith says, it's a way for students to feel welcomed back and "at home," as a new year begins.

"We view this as an atmosphere where kids can feel safe and welcome and so that is what we bank on. We want to build those relationships, we want kids to feel appreciated while they're here and we want them to feel safe while they're here. And while we're teaching the curriculum we also want to embrace them and say, hey we've got your back and we're with you until the end." he said.

Northwest is the first district in the tri-cities, and one of the few in the area to be back in the classroom this week.

The other schools in their district include Cedar Hollow, 1R, St. Libory and Chapman.