Nutrition tips for back to school

As school comes back around think about nutrition when making kids' meals.
As school comes back around think about nutrition when making kids' meals.(KSNB)
Published: Aug. 12, 2019 at 9:41 AM CDT
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Schools in the area are starting back up this week, making it time for students to think about nutrition.

Hy-Vee dietician, Danielle Moran, walked through breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks reminding students to consider all the food group and nutrients in order to stay focused and fueled throughout the day.

For breakfast, it's crucial that students are getting protein, fats, complex carbohydrates and fiber. Thinking about lunch, students should keep the MyPlate in mind and focus on getting all the food groups. It's important to add dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains and protein when thinking about a mid-day lunch.

Preparation is key when considering dinner. Students should think about grabbing food items that are already chopped or cut up that require minimal work and plan meals in advance so they always are guaranteed a full, balanced dinner.

For more information on nutrients, food preparation, food groups or back to school tips, students and parents can contact Danielle Moran at Hy-Vee and set up an appointment for a free nutrition tour.

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