O'Neill families receive aid after ICE raids

O'NEILL, Neb. (KSNB) - Teachers with O'Neill Public Schools and volunteers are continuing to help the families affected by the ICE raids yesterday.

With school coming up, teachers want to make sure families have everything they need before sending their kids back to school.

To do this, volunteers collected a variety of donations all day Thursday at O'Neill United Methodist Church.

"O'Neill is a community of immigrants. We were founded by Irish immigrants, and you know we're long removed from our founding, but we've got a new generation of immigrant families that are in desperate need of our help, and we're calling on that rich herritage to step up in their time of need," said Bryan Corkle, a teacher with O'Neill Public Schools.

The volunteers said the supply quickly met the demand.

People came from all over the state to make donations.

Volunteers collected basic toiletry items such as soap, toilet paper and paper towels, as well as food items and toys.

These donations will be given directly to the families affected by the ICE raids Wednesday.

"This is probably the biggest event in our community, but the lack of action at the federal level and in the legislative branch as it relates to immigration reform has created problems in my community and among my students. This goes back decades now," Corkle said.

Corkle said he hopes to continue to be a source of support for the kids in this situation, especially as they return back to school.

Volunteers said they had originally planned to take in donations Thursday and Friday, but have received more than needed.