Outreach program aims to give Nebraskans money owed to them

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HASTINGS, Neb.-- It's like finding cash underneath the couch cushions, only it's hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars in unclaimed property.

According the treasurer's office, one in five Nebraskan's don't even know what's owed to them.

The state treasurer's office will be out at the state and county fairs to find people who have unclaimed property.

Heading into his Fourth of July weekend, David Jepson received a call from someone saying he was owed thousands of dollars.

"My first thought was,'This is a scam,'" said Jepson.

But this wasn't a Nigerian prince, this was the State Treasurer's Office.

"They contacted me said there was some property I had from a former business that I had," said Jepson.

Jepson, who owns Furniture Direct in Hastings, had owned a similar store in Grand Island and had unclaimed property from that business.

"I never knew that you need to check under other businesses and corporations that you may have been a part of in the past. They were telling me at the treasury office that you even need to check in different states if you've moved. You need to focus on wherever you've been and see if there's property there owed to you," said Jepson.

Across the state, more $170 million remains unclaimed. Within the Adams, Buffalo and Hall Counties, that number is close to $4 million and continues to grow.

"Over in the last several years, there have been large life insurance audits, where we we'd be getting tens of thousands of dollars for just an individual person, so the life insurance companies have remitted lots of money to us that have helped contribute to that increase in unclaimed property that we're holding," said Meaghan Agguire, director of unclaimed property.

Jepson will receive his check in the mail in the coming weeks and said he already knows what he's going to do with it.

"We're going to divide it up. We're going to take the family on a vacation. We're going to put some into my kids college fund and then retirement," said Jepson.

The treasurer's office will have a booth set up at the Adams County Fair from July 20-24, for people to check if they're owed money.

For more information about the program, click the link below.