Peaceful protest in Kearney to stand against racism and police brutality

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 10:55 PM CDT
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Protests have sparked across America after the death of George Floyd. Now Nebraskans marched the streets of Kearney today, May 31, 2020, to stand against racism and police brutality.

"I can't just sit here anymore. I can't not speak out about this," said Kimberly Ryan, organizer of Black Lives Matter protest.

Even if they've never experienced it personally.

"As a white woman I know that I will never know the struggle of my fellow black and brown friends but I can say, I empathize and can be here," said Ryan. "I will stand up with you. You are not alone in this. I got a lot of people yelling last night, this is not your fight. Yes this is my fight. This is all of our fights. This is a human fight."

A diverse group gathered outside The Mona to peacefully protest the death of George Floyd, a man killed at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. A woman who was one of the protesters is disgusted by the senseless killing of black people.

Sara Stevens-Stehl, a protester, "I want our world to change. I want my grandson to grow up in a world where color doesn't matter. If somebody all of a sudden decided blonde hair and blue eyes were bad, my grandson would be toast."

They stood in front of The Mona with signs in their hands, chanting "black lives matter" and "stop police brutality." Some cars honked their horns in solidarity to the protest.

After an hour at the museum, they took to the streets. They marched down the intersection of 2nd and 25th in Kearney, and stopped at corners to further spread their message to people driving by.

Kevin Queen, an organizer said, "We can make an impact without destroying people's businesses and livelihoods."

The protest lasted for several hours, with their signs in hand and said repeatedly by one of the protesters, "all lives matter, but today black lives we remember."

Kearney Police patrolled the area during the demonstration. After it was over, protesters planned to deliver water to KPD for being supportive of their right to protest peacefully.