People celebrate National Library Week

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - Even though audio books and video games are on the rise, attendance numbers at the Kearney Public Library show books are still popular in town.

They have a tracking system for how many people enter the library. In March, 17,795 people walked through their doors.

It's a busy place, even on a Monday.

"It's kind of our library day," said Meghann Frey, a library patron. "I grew up having a library day, and we could go one day of the week. So we do it. We grab a bunch of books that will hopefully last us the week."

The Freys have been going to the Kearney Public Library every Monday for nine years. The kids are all home schooled. They'll check out books based off what they're learning, and of course some just for fun.

The boys will also play games on the computer while they're at the library as part of their "computer time."

After 45 minutes, the family left with a whole bag full of books.

"It's a tradition. We just love it. We're kind of creatures of habit. It's what we love so we keep coming back," Frey said.

In March, people checked out just under 50,000 items from the library. These include books, online resources, movies and more.

These stats are something the library can celebrate this week for National Library Week, which celebrates strong communities.

"I think that a lot of people still see the library as a place to come and get books, and we're still here for that. Absolutely," said
Lacey Rogers, circulation librarian at the Kearney Public Library. "But we have a lot more. We have really talented, skilled reference librarians that can help you learn technology, that can help you find information."

There's all kinds of events and classes going on at the library this week.

Several of them are free.

You can find them at