People experience slow internet speeds during time of social distancing

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - With more students doing online schoolwork and people working from home, many are noticing the need for more internet speed.

With more students doing online schoolwork and people working from home, many are noticing their internet is slowing down. (Source: KSNB)

Stephanie Laux, a marketing consultant with Kinetic by Windstream, said many of their customers have complained about this lately.

For Kinetic, the infrastructure itself is working well. But since more people are using the same in-home network, they're experiencing lags and the dreaded buffering at home. This means you may have outgrown your previous needs.

Laux said the best thing to do is call your service provider to see if you can increase your bandwidth, and get a speed upgrade.

"A lot of times service providers will allow you to do that for just a time period," Laux said. "So maybe there could be an increase in your bill for a certain amount of time. Several providers are offering discounts for those things during this time right now too, so it's always worth reaching out."

Laux said internet providers are constantly updating their services. It's possible what you're using now could be out of date, even if you got it just six months ago.

Kinetic recently invested in the Hastings area, and many people will be able to upgrade their speed if their needs have changed.

Kinetic by Windstream also offers a video chat service called OfficeSuite HD Meeting. Laux said it may be quicker than free programs like Skype and Zoom, which are being used a lot right now for business meetings and chatting with friends or family.

Laux said since they're considered an essential service, the business is still sending technicians to people's homes.

"We are conducting business as usual and doing everything we can to keep customers connected to work, family or friends, loved ones. Right now it's incredibly important to feel those connections," Laux said.