People judge, organize 4-H exhibits

Published: Aug. 22, 2018 at 8:01 PM CDT
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The state fair is right around the corner, and people are working hard to get one exhibit on display.

Wednesday was entry day for 4-H exhibits at the state fair.

Judges reviewed the projects all day, awarding each one with a white, red, blue or purple ribbon.

Officials said more than 16,000 projects were submitted for the exhibition.

One extension educator has a favorite.

"My favorite project in my area this year, is there is a young person who has taxidermied two turkeys that were actually in competition for a female's attention. And so he is able to capture that with his taxidermy exhibit," said Tammy Stuhr, Extension Educator with Merrick and Hamilton Counties.

All projects had to earn a purple ribbon at their county fair to qualify for a state fair entry.

The projects are not scored against one another, but with a scorecard with criteria based on each specific category.

"It's just this amazing story of how powerful the youth's mind is. They think of things adults have never thought of before. They're innovative, and they're creative. They just don't have those biases that we have as adults," Stuhr said.

Once the judges have finished reviewing the projects, they will begin setting them up for display.

You can see the 4-H exhibit Friday through September 3.

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