People support local direct sale businesses

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Some women in direct sales are making it their business to put a face to companies just like theirs.

They did this with an event called "Girls' Day Out" Sunday afternoon at the C3 Hotel and Convention Center.

People could check out 36 direct sale vendors and eight non-profits, who sold everything from homemade soaps and lotions, to clothing, to makeup.

"Everyone knows someone who has a direct sales business, or who makes something," said Toni Bockerman, one of the organizers for "Girls' Day Out." "It's just really important to get out there and support those people, because you're not supporting a corporation. You're supporting someone who's maybe following a dream. Someone who's trying to earn money for something for their family."

Bockerman is an independent consultant for Scentsy where she sells wax, warmers and cleaning products.

She said she's a stay at home mom with two kids, and working from home was a good option for her so she could be more involved with her kid's activities.

"The support from the public is so much a big part of what we do. That's our business. We don't have a way to get out there and put ourselves in a store, so it's just a nice way to get out into the public," Bockerman said.

All the vendors at the event are from the Tri-Cities area.

She said the event has tripled in size since the start three years ago. Bockerman said she attributes this to more direct sale businesses in the area.

Bockerman said they're working on organizing a similar event in September or October, and are still figuring out a theme.