Pets and presents on tap at Heartland Pet Connection

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) Adopting a pet near the holidays can be a tricky proposition. Jennie Theesen from Heartland Pet Connection encourages anyone considering it to visit with them early to make sure a true connection is being made.

Theesen, who visited Local4 News with Charlie the cat, says they do have animals available for adoption. In Charlie's case, he is a four or five month old gold tabby that Theesen says like to have attention spread his way.

Theesen says there are more than just animals available right now.

"We have great items in our gift shop," Theesen said. "It's getting to be Christmas time, so if you need to do shopping for your pet, stop out and see us."

You can learn more about Heartland Pet Connection byt visiting their web site.