Police investigate string of cat killings, mutilations in Wash. city

Police in one Washington city are asking for the public to help them figure out who is killing and mutilating cats. (Source: KCPQ/Tribune/CNN)

EVERETT, Wash. (KCPQ/CNN) – Police in one Washington city want to know who’s been killing and mutilating cats.

Five dead mutilated cats have been reported since mid-June within 15 to 20 blocks of each other in Everett.

At first, authorities thought other animals caused the deaths.

Then a veterinarian examined the bodies and said it looked like the cats’ limbs were removed with some sort of instrument.

That led police to focus on looking for a human suspect in the case, while nervous pet owners in the city try to protect their animals.

The cases are similar to more than a dozen cat deaths that happened last year in nearby Thurston County.

Authorities there put together a special task force of six detectives to find a serial cat killer, but they never solved the case.

Officials said all cats should be kept indoors to keep them away from a variety of threats, including wildlife, cars and disease.

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