Poor roadbed along First Street means more construction in the future

Published: Jun. 3, 2016 at 10:56 PM CDT
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The concrete underneath First Street in Grand Island wasn't supposed look like it does current with cracks throughout the roadbed.

Public Works Director John Collins said unfortunately the city can't afford to do a complete rebuild with projects current budget. Instead, he said they'll have to patch the concrete for now.

"We've patched with concrete, the existing concrete. We've put that in as a patch, then we will be coming back, as soon as that's cured, with overlay," said Collins.

Collins said stabilizing the roadbed should give the road another 10 years life.

"We're planning on in three or four years, coming back to put down a thin coat, which rejuvenates that top layer of asphalt, so it maintains its flexibility," said Collins.

Around town one Grand Island native Edward Batts said as long as they get it fixed, he's not worried.

"Honestly I didn't know what was wrong with it at first. I didn't know why they started messing with it, but it doesn't really bother me. They can do it now. They can do it three years from now. It wouldn't slow me down one bit," said Batts.

Once this current project is complete, Collins said he will leave detailed notes about the roadbed and will suggest the next project on the street do a complete rebuild.

"We will expect to dig all the way down to the base material, add something underneath it at that time, probably crushed concrete or something, to create that layer, then do a full rebuild. My notes are saying nine inches of concrete, but whoever is here will look at the technology at that time and make the call," said Collins.

According to city engineers around the tri-city, it's common to run across a poor roadbed in a small city or town.

However, according to Collins, the other streets downtown shouldn't have the same problem because those roadbeds consist of brick.