Preparing for flooding in Wood River

WOOD RIVER, Neb. (KSNB) - After being hit so hard by the flooding in March, Wood River has taken all the precautions to prevent it from happening again.

The City of Wood River's ditches are filling up with water as flooding approaches the town. (Credit: Alicia Naspretto, KSNB)

The intersection of Highway 30 and Cottonwood Drive was washed out in March, but this time the city has set up a barricade to block the water. Many businesses and homes have set up sand bags around their doors to help keep the water out.

The city says so far it's working as planned, but they know the worst has yet to come.

"So far it's working like it's supposed to. We've been talking to the state already after this last flood," Mayor Greg Cramer said. "We're going to do some concrete improvements down there. They were down looking this morning at how we did. So after we get going this fall, we're going to see if we can get some improvements going down there."

The mayor says he plans to spend the next couple of years working to prevent march from happening again.