Preparing kittens for adoption

HASTINGS, Neb. - (KSNB) Sibling cats - even two christened Yin and Yang - are among a number of cats available for adoption from the Heartland Pet Connection. Even though they would like to see the two, who get along well, stay together, they also know the cats may be separated.

Kittens are helped through the process of being ready for new homes at Heartland Pet Connection. (Source: KSNB)

As with all of their cats, officials at Heartland say they work to have even young kittens ready to move in with a new family.

"These guys have been handled and socialized a lot," said Jennie Theesen, the manager of Heartland Pet Connection. "They staff spends a lot of time with our kittens, making sure they're ready to go. That way we can make sure they're kid friendly and handle-able and set for new homes."

For information on adopting any pets, you can call Heartland Pet Connection at (402) 462-7387. Or find more information on their web site.