Programs aim to train, retain teachers

Published: Aug. 16, 2019 at 12:35 PM CDT
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With another school year in full swing, an emphasis on training and keeping quality teachers in the classroom is again of utmost importance.

The Nebraska State Education Association represents 28-thousand public school teachers in the state, but officials say their main role is to make sure students in the state get a quality public education.

That all starts with teachers. The president of the association says getting and keeping teachers is more of a challenge all the time.

"It didn't used to be, but it sure is now," said Jenni Benson.

Benson says among their many projects is an Education Rising program where high school students interested in the teaching field take pare in special activities to help get them ready for their career.

"We want to grow them here and we want to keep them here," said Benson. "We're making sure they're supported (and) have good professional development."

Benson says they also are working on a more diverse teacher pool and offering virtual mentoring for teachers that may feel isolated from others in their chosen specialty.

Benson says one ultimate goal is to decrease the fact that 30% of teachers leave their school or field within the first three years.

More information on the NSEA and their mission can be found at


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