Promoting fire safety with the chance of receiving a free pizza

Published: Nov. 1, 2018 at 6:18 PM CDT
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With the weather getting cooler, it’s the time of year where the heat within your households are being turned on so you want to make sure your smoke detectors are up to date.

To help local families, Domino’s in Scottsbluff partnered with the Scottsbluff Fire Department to check and fix their smoke alarms.

“We are taking random orders that we have coming into the store right now and going out with the fire department,” said Mike Hackett, Franchisee for Domino’s.

With each random delivery, families can be surprised at the door with their pizza along with local fire personnel and their fire engine. The fire personnel will check their smoke alarms to see if they are working.

“The fire department is going in, if the customers allow us, to check their fire alarms,” said Hackett. “If the fire alarms are working, we are giving the order for free.”

If the smoke alarms happen not to work, that is okay. They will fix your current alarm.

“If they are not working, the fire department is giving them the batteries or fire alarms necessary to get them up, going correctly and safety,” explained Hackett.

With the heat being turned on within your household, it can spark a potential chance for a fire if you are not careful. You want to make sure your smoke alarms are up to date.

“It’s the number one life saving device in your home during any sort of fire that’s going to alert you to a problem,” said Captain Dan Hubbs, Scottsbluff Fire Department.

In worst case scenarios without a smoke alarm, you could cause harm to yourself and your family.

“The problem with the batteries going low sometimes or batteries going dead is that you will never know until it’s too late,” said Captain Hubbs. “We encourage them to check those batteries as often as possible.”

The Scottsbluff Fire Department would like to remind the public to check the batteries in their smoke detectors at least twice a year during daylight savings. The upcoming daylight savings is on Sunday, November 4th.

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