Protecting yourself from the flu

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Flu season is at its peak, so local doctors want to make sure your family is protected and can avoid it.

Officials said coughing can spread it pretty easily, so if you're sick, it's best to stay home and away from others.

They add people should practicing coughing into their arms and not their hands.

If you get it onto your hands, you can wipe it on surfaces and others can get it.

The flu season peaks around December- February.

Officials said it's very widespread and unfortunately, people die every year for something that can be prevented.

A pediatrician at the Grand Island Clinic, Melissa Law, said you can't predict how the flu will affect someone. For some people it can look like a really bad cold.

"They can have fevers, congestion, cough, body aches and a sore throat," Law said. "There are some people who do end up in the hospital, because they are dehydrated or have secondary infections after influenza."

She adds it's important for people to talk to a doctor if they think they're infected and to always keep their hands clean.

Doctors said the people who are usually more at risk for the flu are kids under five, adults older than 65, people with other chronic medical conditions, pregnant women or women who just had a baby.

They add there are anti-viral treatments available for those who have a higher risk.

If you have not already gotten the flu shot, clinic officials encourage you to do so as soon as possible.