RH Factor could affect pregnancy

Published: Mar. 3, 2017 at 8:08 AM CST
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A medical technician at CHI St. Francis says for most people being given the wrong blood type won't hurt them.

Though for women who want children, iIt could make it a lot more difficult to get pregnant.

"If you're a female of a childbearing age, you will form antibodies against future pregnancies. So it's more important in the age of a female in the childbearing age to receive the correct RH," said Todd Tesman, a medical technician at CHI St. Francis.

Tessman says that the RH is the positive or negative aspect of your blood type. And if want to find out your blood type and donate, one place has you covered.

"If you're a first time donor, you come in and you don't know your blood type, which is perfectly fine, we don't need to know your blood type to donate. We'll test it right away, we'll send it to our labs," said Jeremy Aupperle of the American Red Cross.

Finding out your blood type isn't the only great part about donating.

"The importance of donation is that there's a lot of people in need of various blood types," said Tessman.

The American Red Cross says that one donation can save up to three lives.