Rain causes some flooding in Adams County

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The Adams County Emergency Department is tracking some flooding in the area, and flagging roads you should avoid.

One area they typically see rising water is on 12th Street between Sycamore and Prosser. On Wednesday they reporter a bit of water flooding onto the shoulder of the road.

There are currently no closed roads or streets due to water covered roadways.

"Paved roads fared a little better, but the main thing you have to watch on the paved roads is the standing water," said Ron Pughes, Adams County Emergency director. "You don't want to drive through it. "Drive Around, Don't Drown. Turn Around, Don't Drown." You want to make sure you're aware of that standing water."

The Emergency Department reported travel on rural and gravel roads will be difficult, because the water softens the dirt causing vehicles to sink into the ground.

One trouble area like that is on Marian Road just north of 12th Street.

Pughes recommends driving very slowly in these kinds of weather conditions so you don't get yourself stuck in the mud.

"Even a surface like this on this dirt road can put you out of control pretty quickly. The side embankments are very soft, so if it catches your tire it could definitely cause an accident. During the night time is even more treacherous, because you can't see where the conditions are," Pughes said.

Adams County Roads Department is placing barricades on any water covered areas, and will continue to monitor road conditions.

As of this evening, the Adams County Emergency Management noted the Little Blue River is flowing at a moderate rate, and the 32 mile Creek from Prairie Lake to the North is rising. Crystal Lake and Ayr are showing no immediate threats of flooding.

Local4 will keep track of the latest information, and update flooding conditions as they come in.