Rain leaves standing water, mud on roads

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The stormy weather has kept one auto shop in Hastings busy for the past few months, and the rain Wednesday can now be added to their list.

Pat's Auto Repair and Towing responded to several weather related calls Wednesday, pulling cars out of ditches and even corn fields.

"Even a quarter, half-inch of water on the road is enough to make you hydroplane," said Todd Tharp, manger of Pat's. "You're obviously going to drive through that, but once you get to where you can't tell how deep the water is then don't go through it."

Tharp said if you hydroplane, you should take your foot off the gas and glide through the water. He said if your car stops, don't try to start it up again, because there could be water in the engine.

One of the calls Tharp responded to Wednesday was a vehicle that got stuck in the mud overnight. He was able to pull it out with his truck in about five minutes.

Tharp said the real problem in weather like this is gravel roads. He said the water makes the ground soft, and causes cars to sink into the dirt.

That's why he advises people to stay off gravel and dirt roads if they can in heavy rains where flooding is possible.

"If there's somebody in the ditch, it's obviously a bad spot. So if you can see lights coming down the road start slowing down. Get over. Whether it's for a tow truck, a patrolman, an officer whatever. If you see flashing lights, slow down and get over," Tharp said.

Another simple piece of advice from Tharp: If the water looks too deep to drive through, don't drive through it.