Dental records officially ID human remains found by Hershey

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 5:06 PM CST
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UPDATE: Fri., Nov. 22, 2019 / 4pm

The human remains found last week by a Hershey rancher are officially confirmed to be those of Justin Diemel. The Caldwell County Sheriff's office in Missouri used dental records to I-D Justin. The rancher discovered a skull, jawbone, and debit card in a mineral tub.

Nicholas Diemel's remains were recovered from a farm in Caldwell County, Missouri. Both Diemel brothers disappeared while visiting a farm in Missouri earlier this year.

Authorities say the Diemel brothers went to Garland Nelson's farm to collect a 250-thousand dollar check for cattle. Nelson is now facing murder charges and is in jail.


A rancher south of Hershey finds himself in the middle of a Missouri murder case. The Lincoln County Sheriff's office says the rancher found human remains in a stock trailer he recently purchased in Missouri.

The rancher called them after he dumped a large plastic animal supplement tub full of dirt on his driveway on Friday. The rancher discovered what he thought were parts of a human body as he spread the dirt in his driveway.

Deputies confirmed the remains were a human skull and a jawbone. They also noticed personal items in the tub, too. Deputies believe the remains possibly belonged to one of two brothers from Wisconsin, who were victims of a homicide in northwestern Missouri.

Caldwell County Sheriff's office confirmed their suspicions. Investigators and Missouri State Police flew into Lincoln County and picked up the remains.

"Well obviously when you are the department that is working a case that is this big, and you can't find the pieces to the puzzle, this is a big deal," said Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer. "They are very pleased to get this part of it put together and possibly get this man charged with a double homicide that at this point, looks like he is responsible for."

Nick and Justin Diemel went missing in Northwest Missouri in July. The brothers are from Wisconsin. Authorities say the Diemel brothers went to Garland Nelson's farm to collect a 250-thousand dollar check for cattle. One of their bodies was found ten days after the two went missing on a farm. Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer believes the human remains in Nebraska belong to Justin Diemel since his debit card was also found at the scene.

Garland is 25-years-old. He is facing two counts of first degree murder and several other charges. Nelson has been in custody since July, when officers arrested him for tampering with a motor vehicle.

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