Recycling electronics to protect the environment

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Many of you enjoy watching television, but when the TV is old or broke, there's perks to recycling it at Best Buy.

"We might actually be able to give you a little bit of money, if your items have retained a little bit of value," Best Buy Customer Service Specialist Jessica Smalls said. "Or there's the recycling option if it hasn't retained value, we'll be able to at least process it and maybe be able to turn it into something more fun later."

People enjoy how easy it is to recycle items.

"The greatest thing about recycling at Best Buy is it's right when you walk into the front doors, so right to the left you see the bin full of all of the items that you can put into the recycling bin," Chance Billington, a Grand Island resident, said. "There's different categories for them, so you know which ones to put into which bins."

There are many items you can recycle at the store.

"So the big ones we get here of course are televisions, laptops and gaming systems," Smalls said. "We can actually pick up some of the larger items in your home, if you buy a new appliance and have it delivered for a small fee."

There are dangers to keeping old items around.

"You know batteries can explode, if they get really old and past due," Billington said. "If that were to explode anywhere near you, there's a lot of toxins in that that can get on you."

People are encouraged to use energy efficient products.

If you want to learn more about what items you can recycle or even receive money for, please visit the store's website.