Revive Ministries to offer teen parenting courses

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Revive Ministries in Hastings is offering help to parents who may need a little assistance with raising a teenager.

The classes will be Wednesday evenings and people can learn anything from identifying drug use to how to communicate in a healthy way.

“We really look on giving the teens tools to use,” Life Skills Instructor Sheryl Timko said. “Looking at self esteem issues, what do they need when they grow up, communication skills, anger management. So just working with the teens on having the tools to work.”

In the end, Revive Ministries wants to give parents a place to go when they are faced with tough issues regarding their children.

“But the first one is about drugs and alcohol. How do you tell if your teen is using and what do you do? The second one is communicating and setting boundaries with your teenager,” Timko said. “The third is instilling responsibility and ownership with your children and the last one is community services in Adams County.”

An interpreter will be provided to spanish speaking people as well.