Riders raising awareness of children's mental health

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Neb, -- Rain or shine, a group of bikers are riding across the state to raise awareness of children's mental health.

This is the 10th annual year the Eagle Riders are picking up letters written by youth, their families and other supporters of children's mental health.

One of their stops Friday was the Boys Town Shelter in Grand Island.

Riders said this trip is important for many different reasons.

"Number one, that we take care of Nebraska's children and number two, that we consider programs for their mental health," Eagle Rider Stan Bills said. "It's important that not just the governor, but the heads of each departments, understand that you've got to fight for that dollar," Bills adds. "I know that the budgets are a huge thing right now, especially in Nebraska, and I know they've got to make a lot of cuts, but don't cut the services for kids."

There are a lot of different groups participating in this special event.

"Bikers Against Child Abuse, we've had Christian Motorcycle Association ride with us, we have a group of lady riders going to join us in Omaha this year and individuals can join," Bills said. "We invite a lot of people who might not be Eagle Riders."

The bikers will end their ride tomorrow at the capitol and deliver the letters to state leaders.

Bills encourages people to write letters and address them to the governor's office or even their senator's office.