Roads, houses flood in Elm Creek after storm

ELM CREEK, Neb. (KSNB) - People in Elm Creek are cleaning up water in their basements after the storm Monday night.

The Brown family cleans up three inches of water in their basement Tuesday after Monday night storms flooded their downstairs area. (Source: Kelsey Dickeson, KSNB)

The Brown family had three inches of water in their basement. They spent their Tuesday vacuuming it up.

"It got so bad that we had every towel out. The basement was pretty much gone, and very wet. Basically just water. Everywhere," Emme Brown said.

They had strips of carpet in their basement, all of which is destroyed. Brown's younger sister lives down there. Her room is pretty much gone.

The family did manage to save most items in the basement before they got too damaged. They'll have to rip up the rest of the carpet and throw it away.

Houses aren't the only things affected by the flood in Elm Creek. Many roads are flooded. One of the worst ones is on Easy Street. Volunteer firefighters were out sandbagging early Tuesday morning.

"This is probably the most significant that we've had yet this year," said Suzanne Brodine, a consultant for the village of Elm Creek. "We were very fortunate, more so than a lot of communities in Nebraska. Must've just been our turn, but we'll continue to take care of it and I think everyone will come through okay."

People in Elm Creek will continue to evaluate damages over the next few days.