Scientists are working on a cat vaccine to relieve allergic reactions by people

Scientists are working on a vaccine that will be given to cats so they won't secrete a protein that causes allergies in humans. (Source: Maggie Hradecky/Gray News)
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(Gray News) - For the millions of people who love our furry feline friends but cannot be around them without sneezing, wheezing and almost ceasing to breathe, there’s hope.

Scientists in Switzerland are working on a vaccine called “HypoCat” to lessen a specific protein that makes humans allergic to them, according to a report in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

The vaccine for cats would minimize their secretions of the Fel d 1 allergen, a protein of which approximately 10% of the population in the Western hemisphere is allergic.

Currently, those who suffer cat allergies either take something to treat the symptoms or avoid cats altogether - because it’s easier than popping allergy pills and not as painful as a shot.

The Fel d 1 allergen is present in cat dander, which then ends up all over couches, clothes, and everything in the cat’s vicinity. An allergic reaction is your immune system believing it’s under attack when that protein is inhaled.

The HypoCat vaccine could be ready in the next three years.

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