Sen. Dan Quick begins re-election campaign

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - While election day may be far off in many voter's minds, it's at the forefront for one state senator who has already started his re-election campaign.

State Sen. Dan Quick, District 35, canvased neighborhoods in Grand Island Sunday as he begins his re-election campaign. (Source: Kelsey Dickeson, KSNB)

Senator Dan Quick, District 35, is entering his fourth year of his first term as state senator. He's started campaigning for a second year in office.

Quick had a canvasing event Sunday afternoon in Grand Island. He introduced himself to voters, and asked what their major concerns are.

Quick is currently working on three major interim studies. One of them is to look at staffing and programs at the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Kearney and Geneva. Quick said both facilities also need more psychologists and counselors to better kid's behavioral health.

"I think it's very important that we add those dollars to try to help those kids, because these are the same kids that are going to end up in our corrections system," Quick said. "That's really what it is for me. I'm not out to point fingers. I'm just saying we can do it better. We can do a better job to help these kids."

Another study involves the health effects of vaping and second hand vaping.

Quick was involved in passing legislation to raise the vaping age from 18 to 19, which will go into effect after the New Year. He said he's not for or against vaping, but would like to get information out there on how it's affecting people.

Another study involves increasing funding for the 16 public health departments across the state. That would include the one in Grand Island.

Quick said he would like to continue being the voice for the working people. He was previously a welder for Grand Island Utilities before becoming state senator.

He said solving some problems we have today starts with youth.

"All those things cost money along the way, and I'm trying to find a way I can help these working families and the working poor at the start. Help our children at the start and help their families," Quick said.

Quick has been knocking on doors since June. He's already been to three precincts.

Quick is currently running unopposed. The primary election is May 12, 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns for Quick, you can email him at