Senator Steve Halloran discusses outcome of legislative session

Senator Steve Halloran of Hastings discusses how the legislative session went for the year.

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The topic on many Nebraskans’ minds is property tax reform. With the legislative session closing early, there doesn't seem to be much for substantial change this year.

“We quit six days early on the 84th day, it's a 90 day session and we didn't finish our business.” Sen. Halloran said. “By that I mean we didn't do anything substantive with property tax relief legislatively. That's why I give it a big 'I' for incomplete.”

Senator Halloran shared his frustrations with the governor saying there will not be a tax increase with some of these reform plans. He said it is not an increase but more of a change of where the funds come from.

“The goal is to rebalance the three legged stool for funding schools. The state is obligated to fund K-12 schools and they refer to a three-legged stool that's income tax, sales tax, and property tax,” Halloran said. “So this whole process if it's successful will rebalance that three-legged stool.”

Senator Halloran was also one of the 12 people who voted against the budget bill saying he did not think the state spending increase was necessary.

He did have a success with having his Adopt the Neighbor Spoofing Protection Act pass. Now the federal government is looking into having their own policies on the matter.

“But I think a number of states have done this and I think that pressure has helped encourage the federal communications commission to become engaged more,” Sen. Halloran said.

He said he hopes this will protect people, especially the elderly population, from scams.

At the end of the town hall, Senator Halloran said next year is the end of his first term and he will be running for reelection.