Senator introduces bill aimed at fighting violent crime

LINCOLN, Neb. -- A senator has introduced a bill aimed at giving Nebraska cities, police departments and nonprofits additional tools to fight violent crime in their communities.

The legislation, introduced by Senator Kate Bolz and cosponsored by Senator Robert Hilkemann, would increase the appropriation for Nebraska’s Office of Violence Prevention to $1,525,000 and create a new partnership with the University of Nebraska Medical Center for enhanced data analysis and program evaluation.

“We all continue to be shocked and saddened by instances of violence in our state, and we know the tragic outcomes that happen when we fail to prevent violent incidents in our communities,” Bolz said. “It’s time that we increase our state’s preventative measures against violence. We have over a decade of data showing that Nebraska’s Office of Violence Prevention empowers local governments and organizations to prevent violence in their communities and we should act on this.”

Before introducing the bill, Senator Bolz was joined by Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler, Omaha Senator Robert Hilkemann, Lincoln Police Captain Jason Stille, Omaha mother Salinas, Leadership Lincoln students and a number of community supporters, who pledged support for the measure.

“Keeping Nebraskans safe should be among our highest priorities as elected officials, and part of any statewide plan to reduce crime and violence involves prevention,” Bolz said.

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