Senior High, Northwest follow proper protocol during lockdowns

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - "Anytime there's a threat we perceive could be real at all, we're going to do whatever we think we need to do to protect our students," said Superintendent of Northwest Public Schools Matt Fisher.

That's exactly what Grand Island Northwest leaders had in mind when they placed the school on lockdown Tuesday.

It took them just a few minutes from the time they learned of the threat to have a meeting to evaluate the situation and then take action.

An announcement over the intercom communicated to students the emergency, and a mass text also went out to parents and kids off campus for lunch.

"As soon as anything happens, students are going to be communicating with their parents. We certainty want to give our parents as much information as we can as quickly as we can," said Fisher.

Grand Island Senior High also communicates with parents when lockdowns take place. Just like Northwest, the school has regular drills to prepare staff and students.

"The more pre-teaching you do, the more people understand their role and what they need to do, and the safer the environment we provide for our kids," said Grand Island Senior High Assistant Principal Greg Morrow.

Morrow says GIPS has adopted the Standard Response Protocol. It breaks down what exactly students and teachers need to do when an emergency takes place.