Smoky conditions cause health concerns for area residents

Published: Apr. 12, 2017 at 10:08 PM CDT
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Local doctors said exposure to smoky conditions is risky for people with breathing problems and can cause serious health concerns.

Authorities put our capital city as well as all of Lancaster County in a health warning due to smoky air cause by agriculture burning.

The air quality index wasn't at normal levels Wednesday morning, and even forced Lincoln Public Schools to keep students inside.

Weather experts said the wind is to blame for smoke coming into our region, but an increase in wind can clear it all up.

Local doctors said people who might be affected most by the air quality are children with asthma and allergies and elderly people with cardiac conditions and breathing issues.

Although we see the smoke outside, it doesn't just stay there. It can make its way inside homes too and cause issues.

"It can settle down on the carpets and when you vacuum the carpet, even that can trigger it, particularly in children and elderly people," Dr. Anirban Ghosh with Good Samaritan Medical Group said. "I think people need to be careful not to be exposed to too much of it." "I would cover my nose and mouth and try to protect myself," he added.

Overall, it's a great idea to minimize your exposure to smoky conditions.

"For healthy adults it might not cause a lot of problems, but if you're susceptible to allergies, susceptible to asthma and if you have breathing problems that baseline I would rather be careful," Ghosh said.

Our Chief Meteorologist Travis Klanecky said a cold front will pass through Wednesday evening and allow the wind direction to change more out of the north and northeast, which should help things a little.

With the Huskers spring game this weekend, many people may be traveling to Lincoln soon, so it's best to be mindful of the air conditions and plan accordingly.