Special camp for those with asthma

Published: Jul. 28, 2017 at 4:32 PM CDT
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The Centers for Disease Control said 25 million people have asthma and the number is growing.

A respiratory therapist said working in the ER, she saw kids coming in for asthma attacks. That's when she knew she had to do something.

"We're respiratory therapists, so we see the kids come through the er, and when you see kids coming through repeatedly, there's a need in the community for education," said Sheri Trindle, a camp leader.

They're not only educating the children. For one girl, she feels like everyone else for once.

It's just really fun. And since I have asthma and everyone else has asthma, it's relateble, said Jenna Cecrle, a camper at Camp Cool Kids.

And her friend feels the same way.

"Because everyone has asthma and you're not the odd person who doesn't have what everyone else has," said Trevor Lindauer, another camper from Hastings.

But during those fun and games is when they're learning life saving tips.

"We feel like it's really important for the kids to understand how asthma works, their medications, making sure they're keeping their asthma controlled and know what to do if they do start having issues with their asthma," said Trindle.

For Trevor, he said this camp makes him feel safe.

"If I have an attack the can go get a camp leader or one of the adults or a friend to go get me a leader, so I feel safe about that," said the camper.

But if there was a problem, camp leaders have the kids covered.

"We reassess them and make sure that they're doing fine after their quick relief inhaler or their rescue inhaler. We educate the kids, do they have that available at home and at school, that type of thing," said Trindle.