St. Francis hospital recognized for C-section efforts

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Across the nation, 1 in 3 women give birth by C-Section. Blue Cross Blue Shield awards any hospital that has rates of 27% or lower of C-Sections performed, as a blue distinction center. CHI Health St. Francis currently sits at about 20%.

“I think it's time that we are switching, the pendulum is switching the other way because we really need to decrease the number of cesareans, especially any planned cesareans,” Director of Maternal Child Services Jan Spale. “So I think women are listening more to their bodies and wanting to do what’s right and what’s natural.”

Some of the risks include hemorrhage, blood clots, and serious infection. Doctors at St. Francis say the hospital has changed some policies during labor so that they don't rush into a cesarean unless it is an emergency.

“Our doctors are good too about we don't do as many inductions as we did years ago like when I first started nursing,” Registered Nurse Lana McCoy said. “We let babies come when they're ready.”

C-Section is also a lot more costly, Blue Cross Blue Shield reports that it costs around $4,000 more than a natural birth.

Doctors at St. Francis emphasize that a woman's body is designed for childbirth and it has many benefits for both the mother and baby. They say mothers should not fear giving birth.

“If we can, our goal is to always do vaginal birth,” McCoy said. “You know I understand some people want an elective C-Section, but babies have lots of good things happen to them if they can be born vaginally that are bypassed when they are a c-section.”

Doctors say every woman is different in how they give birth, but they will still work hard to reduce the amount of C-Sections for safety.