Staff reacts to Northwest School Supertintedent resignation

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - At Monday night's school board meeting it was standing room only as the board discussed how to move forward.

Superintendent Matt Fisher says he will stay on until the end of the year and help in whatever way he can to make it a smooth transition. He says he has debating leaving for a while. Staffers say he and his passion for education will be missed.

The school board, teachers, concerned parents and community members discussed ways to try and improve the middle school situation.

Fisher, says he is looking forward to finishing out the school year and would like to see the middle school situation resolved before he leaves. Some current staffers and former teachers say he was working to move the district in the right direction.

"He's built great relationships with the staff here overall and he has done a lot of great things for this district, so it sent a bit of a shockwave through everybody today because he has been a great leader for us," said PJ Smith, Northwest High School Assistant Principal.

Fisher is in his seventh year as Northwest Superintendent, he adds that he will assist in finding his replacement.