Stolley Park's new building is ready for students

Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 8:39 AM CDT
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With schools starting back up this week, two Grand Island schools are eager to open their doors and kick off their inaugural year: Jefferson Elementary and Stolley Park Elementary.

The new Stolley Park building is on the exact same location as the old one, but received major upgrades.

With a strong focus on collaboration and community, students are encouraged, and given the opportunity, to take a hold of their learning from the second they walk through the door. From the furniture to the colors to the separate spaces for recess and lunch, everything is built around student success.

The school's motto "Welcome Home" is geared around making everyone feel comfortable.

"It's [Welcome Home] is really meant to instill an environment of commitment, community and care," Principal Mike Persampieri said. "It really came from the perspective of staff, wanting to engage students, engage the community and have that atmosphere of partnership across the board."

The space, the modernization and safety are three key aspects of the new building and faculty is eager to have students walk through the door on day one.

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